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About InverDex
As a global leading professional inverter-driven manufacturer with R & D teams, InverDex™ Germany is known for high-performance products and expert inverter-driven solutions. Today, InverDex™ has become one of the fastest growing global manufacturers. Our mission is to provide excellent inverter-driven products for every AC motors, moreover, our vision is to be an innovative, customer-oriented, and vivid inverter-driven supplier. Driven by our passion for premium and super premium inverter products, our brand enrich customers' demand whatever they need and wherever they are.

Since its access to Chinese market in 2008, InverDex™ has rapidly grown into one of main inverter suppliers in China's industrial and civilian areas, and distributed its business all over machine tools, mines, ships, petroleum and petrochemical, buildings, textile machinery, metal wire drawing, plastics machinery, glass machinery and other industries.

With high-quality products, professional teams and flexible marketing strategy, InverDex™ will provide users in China with more efficient and better service.

InverDex™ low-voltage AC inverter power ranges between 0.4KW and 900KW with a variety of industry-specific control units as options.
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