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Warranty Policy

1. During twelve-month warranty period, the Company will be responsible for the maintenance free of charge against failure or damage to the product used normally in accordance with the user’s manual.
2. Warranty period starts from the date delivered from the factory, and machine code is the only evidence for the warranty.
3. During warranty period, maintenance costs will be charged to a certain extent for damages arising out of the following reasons:

■Product is damaged due to misuse, unauthorized repair or modification thereof.
■Product is damaged as a result of fire, flood, earthquake, lightning, abnormal voltage, and other natural disasters and 
        secondary disasters etc.
■Product is damaged due to man-made drop and transport upon the purchase.
■Product failure and damage are resulted from failures other than the product (factors from external devices).
■Product failure and damage are caused by the use in an environment more severe than that as defined in user’s manual
        such as gas corrosion, salt corrosion and metal dust etc.

4. In case of product failure or damage, please fill out in every items of "Product Warranty Card" correctly.
5. Service charges will be calculated upon actual costs, or dealt on a priority basis as agreed in the contract.
6. Please be sure to keep this card, and show it to the repairer in the event of warranty repairs.
7. This Agreement is interpreted solely by Shanghai InverDex Electric Drive Technology Co., Ltd.


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