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Inverters for Alternative Energy Resources
Posted Date:2009-6-20

Aarkstore announce a new report "Inverters for Alternative Energy Resources: Economic Factors, Application Drivers, Architecture/Packaging Trends, Technology and Regulatory Developments, Third Edition " through its vast collection of market reserach report.

The focus of this comprehensive analysis provides decision makers with a detailed and insightful look into the current and future opportunities and threats available in the inverter market for Alternative Energy Resources.

Among the areas covered in this report are the technology, architecture and packaging trends affecting the industry, as well as a thorough discussion of new and emerging technologies and 
materials, applications, potential threats and the latest regulatory developments and standards. Over 30 illustrations, graphs and tables are presented depicting a variety of power system schematics and comparisons, technologies, product introductions, packaging solutions, efficiency standards and other relevant information.

Subjects included in this analysis are:
Application Segments
Alternative Energy Developments
Photovoltaic Inverter Technologies
Wind Power
Fuel Cells
Policy and Regulatory Framework for Development
Cost Dynamics of Renewable Resources
Cost Dynamics of Inverter Technology
Technology Trends and Developments
Product Innovations and Developments

Executive Summary

Led by the growing photovoltaic market (PV), the outlook for inverters used in Alternative Energy Resource technology is expected to remain strong. Industry growth in this application will be driven by a combination of government incentives and declining PV module prices. Projected to make up over 95% of the market, the inverters used in PV installations, both small (1-5kW) and large (>6MW), will far outpace those used in either wind or fuel cell applications.

To know more about this report kindly visit:
www.aarkstore.com/reports/Inverters-for-Alternative-Energy-Resou ..

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