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DEX200 series
Product Overview
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Flexible Features

Flexible and convenient means for frequency setting
● With operation panel settings (number setting), the operation panel can be adjusted by ∨/∧ for frequency setting
● Terminal setting
    1) Analog quantity AI1/AI2: 0 ~ 10V or 0 ~ 20mA;
    2) Analog quantity AI3:-10V ~ 10V;
    3) Pulse frequency X7/DI: 0.2Hz ~ 50kHz;
    4) Xi terminal: Up / Dn independent model, to be overlapped with any other frequency setting.
● Communication setting: international standard Modbus protocol.
● Online switch may be made on the above settings.

Multi-channel for Setting and Feedback
● Under open-loop or analog quantity closed-loop feedback mode, setting quantity may define the relationship between primary and secondary operations:
    1) Primary setting + secondary setting;
    2) Primary setting - secondary setting;
    3) Primary setting + secondary setting - 50%;
    4) Maximum value (primary setting, secondary setting);
    5) Minimum value (primary setting, secondary setting).
● Positive and negative results between primary setting and secondary operations can automatically define the direction of motor rotation.
● Under analog quantity closed-loop feedback mode, the feedback may also define the relationship between primary and secondary setting operations and then adjust and control process PID.
Specially applicable to:
A variety of continuous automatic production lines, such as: paper making, printing and dyeing, packaging, printing.
Temperature and pressure control occasions, such as: chilled water control of central air-conditioning, water supply systems.

Digital Operation Panel
● Button and shuttle type options, RS485 communication and standard network port connection.
● Button layout complies with human engineering principle by one-touch functional keys for entry and exit, easy to operate.
● Standard configured operation panel is given with functions for copying parameters and remote control box (up to 500m).
● Original multi-functional key M can be customized for the following functions:
    1) JOG;
    2) Emergency stop 1 (the fastest shutdown);
    3) Emergency stop 2 (free shutdown);
    4) Setting switch of running commands (operation panel setting → terminal setting → upper PC setting → operation panel setting);
    5) FASt / bASE menu switch; ndFt / bASE menu switch; LASt / bASE menu switch;
    6) Menu mode order (bASE → FASt → ndFt → LASt → bASE).

Upper PC Communication
● Operation panel and terminals provide RS485 interface and communication protocol Modbus, as well as monitoring software for upper PC.
● Realize principal and subordinate communications control between several inverters.
● Realize uploading and downloading of parameters.
● Realize cascade transmission of operating frequencies of several inverters with digital frequency divider

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