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DEX200 series
Product Overview
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Personalized Features

Several displays for functional codes
● bASE basic menu mode, showing all functional codes.
● FASt quick menu mode, particularly suitable for junior users.
● ndFt menu mode for non-factory values, only showing functional codes different from factory values for easy access to searching and debugging.
● LASt recently changed menu mode, showing recently changed 10 functional codes and P0.02 for easy access to searching and debugging.
● Users can customize functional codes to be searched or modified.

Several encryption for functional codes
● Users can customize to encrypt any group of functional codes.
● Users can lock operation panel.
● Users can set password protection for function parameters.
● Technical confidential information such as special process parameters in the system are not copied.

User-defined parameters display
● User can display commonly used parameters by selecting on operation panel and switch them by >> keys.
● Users can define parameters display for operation and shutdown respectively.
● User can customize parameters display such as pressure, temperature, flow and line speed etc.

User’s secondary development
● Standard configuration provides a universal expansion port.
● Physical interface SPI bus, software protocol Modbus.
● Terminals provide +24 V, 15V, 5V power supply and two A / D inputs.
● CPU expansion program can realize soft PLC functions.
● Support user-programming for process control.

Enhanced Functions
● Filtering time of AI1, AI2 and AI3 analog quantity input software can be set up to enhance anti-interference ability.
● AI1, AI2, AI3 and DI analog quantity input curve can correct multi-section independently.
● With standard speed setting for more than 16 sections, up to 23 sections can be set for operation.
● Maximum output frequency can be up to 3000Hz and applicable to vacuum pumps, grinder, internal thread forming machines and so on.
● Acceleration and deceleration time can be up to 10 hours and applicable to roving machines in textile industry.
● Support motor temperature feedback for overload protection.
● User can define shutdown timing, up to 100 hours.
● Users can customize button and shuttle-type operation panels upon their respective use habit.
● Provide an independent high-speed pulse input and output port for high-speed pulse cascade connection.

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