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DEX200 series
Product Overview
Featured Advantages
Outstanding Performance
Flexible Features
Personalized Features
Model Description
Terminal Wiring
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Featured Advantages

Improve Control Performance

○ Correspond to PG vector control, vector control without PG and dynamic torque vector control;
○ Improve current response and speed response;
○ Truly achieve tripping-free operation;
○ Provide up to 0Hz 180% rated torque.

Improve maintenance performance
○ Unified design on hardware interface: control panel, unified button-type / shuttle-type operation panel, easy to use and maintain for customers;
○ Unified design on main circuit terminals: unified 007G ~ 150G, unified 185G ~ 750G, unified 900G ~ 4000G, easy to use and maintain for customers;
○ The main components designed for long life (design life of 10 years).

Enhanced Functions
○ Support motor temperature feedback for overload protection;
○ Maximum output frequency up to 3000Hz (to be customized);
○ Provide independent, high-speed pulse input and output terminals for high-speed pulse cascade connection;
○ Built-in brake units;
○ Sound network corresponding function.

Adaptability to Environment
○ Independent air duct design: a full range of products supporting external installation outside radiator cabinet, applicable to environment or occasions with heavy cotton wool and dust;
○ Three-prevention design of whole machine: PCB's three-prevention spray paint, copper plating, full range for optional sealed key devices, to improve the protection of the machine;
○ Wide-voltage range design: DC operating voltage range of DC 360 ~ 720V with the function of recording voltage fluctuations in power grid.

Safety Instruction:
1. Product information included in this catalog is only for the reference provided for selecting models. For actual use, please carefully read "User’s Manual" prior to proper use.
2. This product is not designed and manufactured for machine or systems related to physical safety.
Please seek advice from the Company if you intend to apply this product for machines or systems used in atomic energy control, aerospace, medical, transportation or special purpose.
As some equipments may result in physical injury or death or severe loss arising from the failure of this product, be sure to install safety devices properly in such equipments prior to the use of this product therein.

Product technical specifications

Control characteristics Control Vector Control 1 Vector Control 2
Starting torque 0.50Hz  180% 0.25Hz  180%
Speed range 1:100 1:200
Fixed-speed precision ± 0.5% ± 0.2%
Product features Key functions Under-voltage regulation, three-address switch, speed tracking, torque limit, multi-section speed operation (up to 23 sections), self-tuning, S-section curve acceleration and deceleration, speed difference compensation, PID regulation, sag control, flow control limit, manual / automatic torque upgrade, current limit
Frequency settings Operation panel settings, terminal Up / Dn settings, upper PC communication settings, analog setting AI1/AI2/AI3, terminal pulse DI setting
Frequency range 0.00 ~ 300.00Hz  Note: 0.0 ~ 3000.0Hz under running mode of vector control 1 to be customized
Starting frequency 0.00~60.00Hz
Acceleration and deceleration time 0.1~36000s
Dynamic braking capacity 400V voltage converter: brake unit action voltage: 650 ~ 750V;
200V voltage converter: brake unit action voltage: 325 ~ 375V; Service time: 100.0s
Optional built-in brake units for power level of DEX201HXA185G220L ~ DEX201HXA750G900L
DC braking capacity DC braking start frequency: 0.00 ~ 60.00Hz; DC braking current: constant torque 0.0 ~ 120.0%; variable torque 0.0 ~ 900.0%
DC Braking time: 0.0 ~ 30.0s; without waiting for the start of DC braking to achieve rapid braking
Magnetic flux braking function Options are keep moving or no movement for slow speed, default as delivered from the factory
Featured functions M multi-functional button Original multi-functional button can be set for frequently used operations: JOG, emergency stop, switch of running command setting, switch menus, etc.
Multi-menu mode Basic menu mode, fast menu mode
Parameter copy Standard operating panel can be realized for parameters uploading and downloading with instruction on copying progress; no coverage by uploaded parameters as an option
Display or hiding of functional code Customers can customize display or hiding of any group of functional codes
485 dual communication interfaces 485 dual communication interfaces supporting Modbus protocol (RTU), standard operation panel featuring remote control box, as far as 500 meters
Operation panel Optional button or shuttle type operation panel, protective level standard IP20, protection rating IP54 as options
DC bus Several inverters can share one DC bus for power supply
Independent air duct A full range of products with independent air duct design, supporting external installation outside radiator cabinet
Universal expansion interface Support universal expansion board with CPU secondarily developed by customers: physical interface SPI bus, software protocol Modbus
Expansion card Secondarily developed user card, mould machine interface card, PG feedback card, air compressor control card, communications adapter card, power supply monitor card, phase sequence detection card, external power supply rectifier card
Power automatic inspection Power automatic inspection for internal and external circuits, such as motor grounding, abnormal +10 V power output, abnormal analog input, broken lines, etc.
Protection function Power supply undervoltage, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, interference protection, abnormal comparison base, self-tuning failure, module protection, radiator over-heating protection, inverter overload protection, motor overload protection, peripheral protection, abnormal current detection, abnormal output grounding short circuit, abnormal power-down during operation, abnormal input power, abnormal output phase shortage, abnormal EEPROM, abnormal relay pull-in, temperature sampling broken line, broken encoder line, abnormal +10 V power output, abnormal analog input, motor overheating (PTC), abnormal communication, abnormal version compatibility, abnormal copy, abnormal expansion card connection, terminal failing in mutually exclusive inspection, hardware overload protection
Efficiency For rated power, 7.5kW and below, power level ≥ 93%; 45kW and below, power level ≥ 95%; 55kW and above, power level ≥ 98% power
Environment Applicable premises Mounted vertically in well ventilated electrical controller, no horizontal or other installation with air as cooling medium, free from direct exposure to sunlight, dust, corrosive gases, flammable gas, oil mist, steam and water
Ambient temperature Derating use between -10 ~ +40 ℃, 40 ~ 50 ℃, rated output current reduced by 1% every higher temperature per 1 ℃
Humidity 5 ~ 95%, no gel
Altitude Derating use between 0 ~ 2000 meters, above 1000 meters, rated output current reduced by 1% every higher altitude up to 100 meters
Vibration 3.5mm,2~9Hz;10 m/s2,9~200Hz;15 m/s2,200~500Hz
Storage temperature −40~+70℃

Note: × refers to unique feature for DEX202 series
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