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DEX200 series
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Terminal Wiring

The functions of main circuit terminals


EX20HBA185G220L ~ DEX20HBA750G900L optional built-in brake units

DEX20HXA1100L inverter and those with above frequency level are wired as in by upper end and out by lower end

Terminal symbols Terminal name and function
R/L1、S/L2、T/L3 Three-phase AC input terminal
⊕1、⊕2 DC reactor connecting terminal; no power display on the inverter in case of no connection to the reactor
⊕2、 Ө DC power input terminal; DC output terminal of external braking unit
U/T1、V/T2、W/T3 Three-phase AC output terminal
Ground terminal PE
Note: DEX20 □ refers to DEX201 or DEX202 Series

Control Circuit Terminal Layout

Control Circuit Terminal Functions


Terminal symbols

Terminal functions

Technical specifications

Terminal 485


485 differential signal positive terminal

Rate: 4800/9600/19200/38400/57600bps
Parallel connection of up to 32 sets, a repeater to be required for more than 32 sets, maximum distance up to 500m (standard twisted-pair shielded cables)


485 differential signal negative terminal


485 communication shielded grounding

The internal independent of COM

Operation panel 485 interface


Operation panel 485

Upper PC communication connection, the same as the terminal 485

For communication connection of operation panel, maximum distance up to 15m (standard twisted-pair unshielded cables)

Digital input



24V0%, the internal independent of GND, maximum load up to 200mA with overload and short circuit protection


Public terminal of multi-functional input terminals

Short connection to +24 V as delivered from the factory


Multi-functional input terminal 1 ~ 6

Input specifications: 24VDC, 5mA
Frequency range: 0 ~ 200Hz
Voltage range: 24V0%


Multi-functional input or pulse input

Multi-functional input: X1 ~ X6 with
Pulse input: 0.1Hz ~ 50kHz;
voltage range: 24V0%


+24 V site

The internal independent of GND

Digital output


Open collector output

Voltage range: 24V0%, the maximum input current 50mA


Open collector or pulse output

Open collector: the same as Y1
Pulse output: 0 ~ 50kHz; voltage range: 24V0%


Open collector output public terminal

The internal independent of GND

Analog input


Analog input reference voltage

10V%, the internal independent of COM
Maximum output current up to 10mA with short-circuit and overload protection


Analog input channel 1

0 ~ 20mA: input impedance 500Ω, maximum input current up to 30mA
0 ~ 10V: input impedance 20kΩ, maximum input voltage up to 15V
A resolution 12 bit (0.025%)
Through jumper options 0 ~ 20mA or 0 ~ 10V analog quantity input


Analog input channel 2

The same as AI1


Analog input channel 3

-10V ~ 10V: input impedance 20kΩ
A resolution up to 12 bit (0.025%)
Maximum input voltage up to 5V


Analog site

The internal independent of COM

Analog output


Analog output 1

0 ~ 20mA: impedance output tolerance 200 ~ 500Ω
0 ~ 10V: output impedance tolerance ≥ 10kΩ Output accuracy 2%, a resolution 10 (0.1%) with short-circuit protection
Through jumper options 0 ~ 20mA or 0 ~ 10V analog output


Analog output 2

The same as AO1


Analog site

The internal independent of COM

Relay output


Relay output

RA-RB: normally closed
RA-RC: normally open
Contact capacity: 250VAC/1A, 30VDC/1A

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